Foodie Review: New York City’s Ktchn



When taking the hubby to the theater, pre-show snacking is pretty important.  All you theater-geeks married to or dating non-theater geeks totally get what I mean, right?  Kinda like how it’s important for me to have good snacks when sitting through a soccer game or tennis match and especially football…but I digress.

We were headed to see Under My Skin* on 42nd Street (so funny, by the way, put it on your to-do list!), and Ktchn was right down the block.  I had heard great things about their $25 pre-theater menu, and although we weren’t hungry enough for a full on dinner, decided to give their bar food a go.

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The sleek design, finished with lots of white and glass, is a gorgeous setting to grab a cocktail and some munchies.  Combine the modern aesthetic with super quick and friendly service, and tons of seating for drop-ins at the bar, and we were totally digging the vibe.  Once we checked out the menu and saw that they didn’t have just fries, but Sexy Fries, we were in love.  Drenched in vinegar and garlic, they reminded me of fries you’d find on the Coney Island boardwalk…the garlic adding that evocative something special.

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The hubby ordered Lobster Risotto Cubes with a Lobster Aloli sauce, which were completely gobbled down in a matter of minutes.  Good thing too, because we had a show to catch!  But we’ll definitely be back…I’m saving that pre-theater menu as a dangling carrot for the next show I want to see!

What’s the most memorable dish you’ve eaten this week?  Describe below!


WHERE: Ktchn
508 West 42nd Street
New York, New York