The Women’s Travel Fest in New York on March 8


The Women’s Travel Fest is a one-day event that aims to inspire & empower women to travel the world, and help them make newfound travel connections. Founder Kelly Lewis who is the founder of Go! Girl Guides launched the event this year, and while only in its first year, the New York-based event on March 8 is nearly sold out.

Been thinking about traveling but feel intimidated? Want to get passionate about finding your place in the world? Hoping to meet other awesome, empowered female travelers? Then, this is a great event to attend. The Women’s Travel Fest will get you pumped to travel from their agenda that aims to share knowledge and tips on everything from how to travel through the Middle East as a woman to body image and sexuality abroad. The idea is discuss openly about the things that just aren’t addressed elsewhere, so that women can feel inspired, empowered and make new friends around the globe. 

Speakers include Samantha Brown, Sonia Gil, Sarah Shourd, Courtney Scott, Beth Whitman, Christine Maxfield, Sally Thelen, Kate Thomas, Christine Gilbert, Colleen Kelly, Mariallen Ward, Adrienne Lee, Teri Johnson, Carol Cain, Sarah Gavin and Jacqui Gifford.  

While this event is geared towards women, men who support the cause or love to travel are more than welcome to attend!  Registration for the event is still open.