Kentucky Gives a L’il Love & Buzz to We Blog the World


I first met Renee Blodgett during IdeaFestival 2011 (IF11) in Louisville, KY. Of We Blog The World, Renee was in town for a few days, and went into overdrive – covering IF11 and visiting as many restaurants, galleries, and areas of town as she could get too. Her energy – to the say the least – was enviable. 

Fast forward to IdeaFestival 2012 (IF12), and she returned to Louisville ready to take on another event-packed four days, including; IdeaFestival, Original Makers Club Dark Woods Affair, Speed Museum’s 100/100 Lights Off/Future On, and more.

We Blog The World is a culmination of travel, food, and event coverage from all over the globe. A smorgasbord of contributions that can help readers navigate and explore their way through a variety of cities and cultures. As Renee explained during IF12, We Blog the World was recently re-launched to better meet the increasing demand for online content and to better showcase it’s seemingly endless offerings.

With its fantastic makeover complete, I look forward to seeing all that We Blog the World and Renee Blodgett will offer in 2013!

Renee Blodgett (2nd to right), with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and IF12 attendees at the IF12 Opening Reception at 21c Museum Hotel.
*Photograph by Josh Miller courtesy of NFocus Louisville Magazine  - THANKS to Josh Miller!! Republishing his post here.