Capturing Courture Brings Fun, Creativity & Feminine Energy to Camera Straps


Women travelers know the drill – they learn about a new product only to discover that the coat, the bag, the shoes, the gadgetry only comes in black, silver, red, navy or some kind of hunter green. Many of these products are designed by men with men in mind even if half the users might in fact be women. It happens all the time – with laptops, adventure travel clothing and shoes, cameras and more. As an avid photographer, I’ve come across this challenge again and again – black bags, red bags and geeky looking patch-like bags. I stumbled on this cool company called Capturing Couture started by two women — Erika and Lisa — who were passionate about fashion and photography.

They were intrigued by the notion of elevating a basic Black Camera Strap into a new world of style…taking a piece of equipment and giving it a fashion spin.  THANK YOU! Through the years, their ask has been: “What can we dream up without any limits?”  Their styles in their bags and camera straps span from *girly glam* to ‘boho chic’, while taking into account the best of where fashion meets function. They also do camera bags, guitar straps and other accessories.  The prices range from around $25 to $45 depending on the style, width and so on. More on them and their range can be found here.

Personally, I think Capturing Courture has created one of the most creative and innovative new ideas for the travel and adventure accessories I’ve seen in a long time. AND, mine just arrived – the quality is top notch! Take a look at how “fun” and creative some of their choices are – below is the Symphony in a 2″ strap.

Below is the Hibiscus Ocean in a 1.5″ strap.

And if you’re more in a girly mood, pink is an option – in fact, they have several with pinks, purples, greens and blues. My favorite is Rose Baroque, which was on back order when I first discovered the line. Below is Hibiscus Moon as a 1.5″ strap.


Below is the Snakeskin collection, where the straps only go for $25. They are 1.5” wide x 30” long and the total length is 30” fixed length with up to 12-14” additional adjustability on each side of strap.