Traveling With the Tamron AF 18-280


“Quick, hand me my telephoto lens and hold this one for me!” How many times have you asked your wife to be your personal lens slave.

Well, I asked my wife one to many times. She said “enough…I am done. I am on vacation. You are wasting my time and your time always switching lenses. Either learn to live with one or get a point and shoot”.

For quick grab shots I use my iPhone but for quality photos I need my SLR. And I finally found the perfect solution. I bought a Tamron AF 18-280 mm “all in one” lens.

It is now available for Canon, Nikon and Sony SLR cameras. There are a few compromises when you use this lens but I have really be exceptionally happy with it over the past 18 months that I have been using it. It costs about $650 but I often see $100 manufacturer rebates offered.

I do still carry my regular Canon 18-55mm that came with my camera for quick non-flash shots around the ship and inside some of the buildings I visit with lower lighting levels because it is a bit faster.

Although with the variable ISO speed setting on my Canon I find the Tamron works exceptionally well in almost every setting I need it in so my lens switching is very rare…and my wife is now a lot happier with me now that she is not “slepping” my lenses.