No More Refresh on the Web: Real Time a Reality with Groovy Corp.


Groovy A stat I didn’t realize was that 99% of the web is a refresh experience. Seems logical but not something you think about because we’re so used to it. Delay. Refresh. Delay again. Frustrating at best, particularly when it affects your productivity.

We all want real time however the experience has fallen short until now. Imagine going to Ticket Master and seeing seats disappear and reappear in real time, without a delay, the moment a ticket is purchased or returned.

Imagine Twitter feeds flying through the widget that collects them on various websites and blogs the instant you post something.

Welcome to the world of Groovy Corp. Run by Australian entrepreneurs, it’s a promise I was excited about at this week’s AlwaysOn Stanford Summit.

They focus on delivering database and cloud solutions (hosted DB’s) and appliances for web properties that need a fast real-time experience. Say goodbye to the chunkiness and slowness of legacy relational databases, and hello to Groovy’s SQL switch that scales easily, and improves speed and performance by over 100x.

Today, they’ll announce their SQL Switch’s performance using the Dell DVD Online Store Benchmark.

Below Groovy Corp’s CEO Joe Ward tells us why this is important and how it will change the way corporations work and think, not to mention the experience consumers will have as a result.